Video: Hareem Shah claims to host Ramzan Transmission this year.

Controversy Queen and TiKTok Star Hareem Shah knows how to remain in the news and attract the followers on social media. That’s why her market value is obviously on the rise as others now want to cash it in.

Hareem Shah to Host Ramzan Transmission

On Monday, March 30, Hareem Shah announced that she will host Ramzan Transmission this year. She made this claim In a tweet claimed that she had been approached by leading TV channel to host their Ramazan 2020 transmission, asking her followers whether to want to see her on the screen.

She repeated her claim in an other tweet on March 31, 2020 and announced that she will be doing Special Ramzan Transmission promo tonight at 7 PM (Pakistan Standard Time).


If true, she will be following the footsteps of the likes of Veena Malik who had earlier hosted a Holy Month daily show for private TV channel.

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Another similarity between the two is that they got fame after controversies. In the case of Malik, it was a photoshoot, while Shah is riding on a confirmed celebrity status thanks to some controversial TikTok videos.

Hareem Shah was in the headlines at many occasions. She entered the prime minister house and shoot dance videos and made social media busted. She accused many ministers to have naughty conversations with her.


She claimed to possess their private videos. And she was under criticism for her alleged inappropriate videos in Dubai and other places. She was even threatening the government to leak the private video of senior ministers.

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In short, the lesson is there is always someone to mint money while giving you some money if you are controversial or famous or even both. It’s a market-based economy which revolves around demand and supply.



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