Screenshot of Malika Cheema leaked video

Malika Cheema Leaked video went viral on social media and in WhatsApp groups. According to details Pakistani TikTok Star Malika Cheema (also known as Malaika Cheema), real name Malaika Ejaz Cheema, is the latest victim of leaked video scandal. Watch the leaked video of Malika Cheema, below.

Video: Malika Cheema leaked video complete

Malika Cheema leaked video shows, Malika is playing with herself with some deep feelings. Meanwhile, She was filming herself by her second hand using her cell-phone camera.

According to recent reports she recorded her inappropriate video for her boyfriend who later leaked it over the internet.

Some sources suggest that she leaked her alleged video by herself and made it viral in order to gain popularity and more followers on her Tiktok and Instagram accounts.

There is a series of Malika Cheema leaked videos (four video clips) circulating on social media. However we can’t upload those clips here due to sensitivity of the content. You can watch all four leaked videos of Malika Cheema shared on Twitter.

Malika Cheema’s Response on her Leaked Video

After Approaching Malika Cheema and asking her response over her leaked video, she refused to publicly comment and didn’t given her view over her video scandal.

Malika Cheema hails from Sargodha city, Punjab, Pakistan. She has 622,000 Followers and 7.3 million likes on her Tiktok account. Her TikTok ID is @Malika_Cheema775. She has 85,000 followers on her Instagram page. Her Instagram account ID is also @Malika_Cheema775.

Malika Cheema Tiktok profile
Image: Screenshot of Malika Cheema’s TikTok Profile

Several TikTok Stars Falling into Leaked Video Scandals

Earlier this week, A private video of another Pakistani TikTok star Minahil Malik also leaked and became viral on social media. Minahil Malik’s leaked video sparked outrage on social media and people are demanding the government to take action against the TikToker or put a ban over TikTok.

Minahil Malik’s Tiktok followers jumped from 500K to 3.4 million soon after her leaked video became viral. This is the reason people are thinking that Malika Cheema’s viral video scandal could be a publicity stunt played by TikTok star.

People’s Reaction Over Malika Cheema Leaked Video

People on social media eventually reacted over Malika Cheema’s leaked video and started making fun by funny memes. Many people are sharing the Screenshots from her leaked video and teasing their friends.

A Twitter user with Twitter handle “aoo_jee” wrote while sharing the Screenshots: “Sochta hoon woh kitne mashom the…Famous Tiktoker, Malika_cheema.”

Another Twitter user “@HShrmlk1” also shared few Screenshots from leaked video with along with a teasing caption.


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