TikTok Star Nayyab Kiani leaked video exposes Hareem Shah's blackmailing tactics

TikTok star Nayyab Kiani leaked video exposed Hareem Shah and her filthy business. “Hareem Shah edited my pictures in an inappropriate way and blackmailing me by threatening to make them viral. She demanded money if I want her to not make my pictures viral, Kiani Accused Hareem Shah in her video.” Watch the leaked video of Nayyab Kiani, below.

Video: Leaked video of Nayyab Kiani exposing Hareem Shah

According to details, earlier last week, a video of famous TikTok star Nayyab Kiani (also known as Nayab Kiyani) emerged on social media which shows Kiani accusing, TikTok star Hareem Shah, of blackmailing her by her fake inappropriate pictures. The video of Nayyab Kiani was shared on YouTube and several social media pages and it went viral.

Viral video shows Nayyab Kiani showing Screenshots of alleged messages from Hareem Shah and telling the details of her conversation with Hareem Shah.

Kiani told during her video that she received messages from Hareem Shah’s official TikTok account asking her money. She (Hareem Shah) sent her several fake inappropriate pictures and told her that if she doesn’t give her money, she is going to make these inappropriate pictures of Nayyab Kiani viral.

Kiani told that while talking to her, Hareem Shah was deleting her own messages in order to erase evidence of her blackmailing. But Kiani was taking Screenshots of her each message. See the Screenshots, below.

Hareem Shah leaked conversation which shows her blackmailing other TikTok stars
Hareem Shah sent Nayyab Kiani inappropriate pictures in order to blackmail her

Nayyab Kiani added in her video that she hasn’t taken such kind of pictures for anyone that’s why she is not afraid. She told that she has already blocked Hareem Shah on TikTok but she will keep exposing that Hareem Shah is behind the leaks of several TikTok stars.

Meanwhile, people are commenting on a leaked video of Nayyab Kiani and advising her to launch a case of blackmailing against Hareem Shah into Cybercrime wing of federal investigation agency (FIA).

About Nayyab Kiani

She is a Pakistani TikTok star with more than 1.3 followers and 11.2 million likes and on her TikTok account. Her TikTok ID is (Nayyab_Kiani1).

Nayyab Kiani TikTok profile

Nayyab Kiani began her TikTok channel in March 2018. After getting famous on TikTok, she is currently working with several advertising agencies in order to promote many brands in return of cash.

About Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah (Original name: Fiza Hussain) is most controversial TikTok star and social media celebrity in Pakistan with dozens of scandals and leaked videos of top government ministers and officials.

Hareem Shah TikTok profile

She Born in a religious family and studied in a religious school. But after getting famous for her TikTok videos, she plans to leave Pakistan and has applied for emigration to Canada. She received backlash for her comments regarding federal minister Sheikh Rasheed after a video recording of her conversation with him was leaked.

She has fallen into several controversies including a video inside prime minister office and her leaked video with Provincial minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan and Cricketer Shaheen Shah Afridi.

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