Neha Malik leaked video
Image: Screenshot of Neha Malik leaked video

Another TikTok star Neha Malik leaked video is trending on social media after her inappropriate video leaked on social media. Neha Malik leaked video scandal is 5th in the row this week followed by similar scandals of four other TikTok stars. Watch the leaked video, below.

Video: Neha Malik leaked video

The leaked video shows her revealing herself while making a private and inappropriate video for TikTok. The video further shows that she is covering her assets by her hairs thrown at the front. TikTok account ID printed at the upper left corner shows that Neha Malik posted this video on one of her private TikTok accounts with the username @nehamalik8080. The video was filmed in a car using her mobile phone camera. You can watch her another leaked video, Here.

Sources said she sent this video to some special fan or possibly a friend who later leaked the video on social media. Some sources said that she leaked her private video intentionally in order to gain more followers as many TikTok stars did in the near past.

Neha Malik Tiktok profile
Image: Screenshot of Her Tiktok Profile

Neha Malik is a transgender TikTok star turned actress/Model who has multiple TikTok accounts with huge following. She has 2.5 million followers on her official TikTok account and 1.2 million followers on her standby TikTok account. She also has 186K followers on her Instagram account (ID: Nehamalikjan).

Neha Malik belongs to Layyah city of Punjab province, Pakistan. Taking advantage of her huge fan followings, she is currently working in commercials with several advertising agencies.

Public Reaction over Neha Malik Leaked Video

Soon after the leaked video of TikTok star Neha Malik became viral on social media, social media trollers and fantasy seekers jumped in and started making fun of leaked video and memes related to that. Meanwhile, many people are criticising her for leaking this video. See some Tweet with reaction on her leaked video, below.

During the past few weeks, many TikTok stars leaked their private videos and private pictures. Minahil Malik, Sana Sheikh, Malika Cheema and Hareem Shah are one of those TikTok stars who came into highlights after leaking their private videos and pictures. All of them gained massive numbers of followers on their social profiles.

But this attitude of leaking their videos has sparked unrest among the society and many people are demanding to ban the TikTok in Pakistan. After Neha Malik leaked video scandal, more backlash could spark in the favour of banning this lip-sync video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance.

Punjab police have already submitted a petition in the supreme court demanding TikTok ban after the recent incident of rape with a Tiktok star Maryam Fayyaz by her other co-star and friend.


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