Tiktok Star Rubi Ali poses as Nurse and Spreads fear

Recently, a video emerged on social media which shows a girl (TikTok star Rubi Ali) dressed as a Hospital nurse Spreading fear by making false allegations over hospitals in Pakistan. See the video, below.

Viral video of so-called nurse (Rubi Ali TikTok) making false allegations of injecting poison in Pakistani hospitals

According to details, allegedly a Tiktok star Rubi Ali (Tiktok ID: RubiAli110) dressed as Nurse and made false allegations “of injecting poison to the patients in hospitals and put them into the list of people who died due to coronavirus.”

Wearing a mask as a Nurse, She urged people to not go into hospitals in any case. Adding to her furious story, she claimed that six people were injected with poison right in the front of her. She added more sentimental false allegations in order to make her video viral.


Then, of course, her video became viral all over Social media and people started questioning over the treatment in hospitals government following her allegations. Sadly, most of the less-educated people believe her allegations and they are talking in the streets and creating more panic among their communities.

Many sensible people demanded the investigation and an appropriate action over her viral video.

After digging into the web and running reverse image search, we found similar videos from Tiktok star Rubi Ali (RubiAli110) dated from April and March and even before.

Tiktok star RubiAli110 poses as a doctor
Image: Screenshot from Rubi Ali Tiktok Video
Video of Tiktok star RubiAli110, posing as a doctor

Earlier this month, A doctor, Known as doctor Tamkenat (Urdu: ڈاکٹر تمکنیت), who is fighting against Coronavirus as a doctor in a Pakistani hospital, also responded to the similar rumours and allegations of injecting poison in hospitals.

Video of Dr Tamkenat responding to the false allegations about Hospitals

Dr Tamkenat has said: “People with the urge of becoming an expert of unknown things, are spreading such rumours with insane mentality.” She denied all these kind of allegations and said: “we, the doctors are already enough tired of long-hour work shifts, and people with these insane rumours are making our job even harder.”



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