TikTok star Spreads False News of Her Husband Adil Rajput’s death to Gain Followers

TikTok star Adil Rajput and Farah Rajput

TikTok star Farah Rajput spread false news of her husband’s death in order to gain popularity and TikTok followers. But soon after the reality exposed and it has been proven that Adil Rajput is alive, the couple fell into trouble as police are looking to arrest the couple for spreading unrest among the people by lies and fake news.

Video: Adil Rajput’s death news was falsely spread by his wife Farah Rajput

According to details, on September 15, 2020, the wife of Adil Rajput (TikTok ID: Adil_Raajput) uploaded a video on TikTok and claimed that her husband has died. They’re a famous TikTok couple, Adil Rajput and Farah Rajput. The video got over 12 million views. The false didn’t limit online, but it was even announced by the loudspeakers of local Mosques in Liaquatpur where the couple belongs.


After the false news of Adil Rajput’s death surfaced, people started to gather outside TikToker’s home in LiaquatPur city, district Rahim Yar Khan. Waiting outside their home for a few hours, people came to know that the news of Adil Rajput’s death was false and wife created this Drama to gain popularity and followers on her TikTok account. Watch, the below.

Video: Reality behind the news of Adil Rajput’s death

In another video, Farah Rajput clarified that she received a call from Adil’s brother Adnan who misunderstood her husband’s unconsciousness with the death. However, outrage sparked on social media after the couple has been exposed.

People are accusing the couple of creating this whole Drama for gaining followers on TikTok.


Twitter user “Voice of Karachi,” wrote on Twitter, the tweet reads: “Drop scene of Tiktoker Adil Rajput’s death news the couple Adil and Farah planned fake death news to gain followers and sympathy but badly exposed and now trying to cover up with another fake video. Tiktok should be banned if such scams continue to fool people for few followers.”

Another Twitter user shared the latest video of Adil Rajput and his wife Farah Rajput and wrote, the tweet reads: “So 9 hours ago Pakistan TikTok Star Adil Rajput’s wife uploaded a video saying Adil has died in a Road Accident & just 30 min ago his wife upload this.”

Several complaints have been registered in the local police station against the couple and police is searching for their arrest.