Yahsal Khan leaked video (also known as Murree viral video) went viral on social media and in WhatsApp groups. A private video of Pakistani TikTok star Yashal Khan (Urdu: یاشال خان) filmed in Murree, emerged on social media with the title of Murree Viral video. The leaked video was also circulating in WhatsApp groups earlier this month. Watch the complete video below.

Video: TikTok star Yashal Khan leaked video scandal complete

Yashal Khan’s leaked video shows her in the forest of Murree mountains (a hill station near the Capital Islamabad) involved in an inappropriate act. It can be clearly seen in the video that Yashal Khan video filmed her with her boyfriend while working (***) beside a tree. The face of her boyfriend is not visible in the leaked video. It also shows that the boyfriend filmed their video with the consent of Yashal Khan.

The leaked video further shows the boyfriend rotating camera towards the surrounding and shows the hills where TikToker has made several other TikTok videos and uploaded them on her TikTok account.

Although the video was captured from behind, people have recognised Yashal by her hairs and Turquoise shirt which she was wearing in another TikTok video filmed at the same place.

Yashal Khan’s leaked video was uploaded on X-ratd websites a few months before with multiple titles such as “Muree Viral video” and “Pahron Ki Qasam F**** on the trip.” See the Screenshot below.

Yashal Khan leaked video scandal, Murree viral video
Image: Screenshot of the website where Yashal Khan’s video was first uploaded

However, earlier this month dozens of social media users have started sharing the Screenshots from purported video and started teasing their friends by sparking curiosity. See the Screenshot, below.

Facebook user teasing his friends by the Screenshots of Murree Viral video
Image: Screenshot of Facebook post

Those People who haven’t seen Yashal Khan’s leaked video were pleading their friends for the link and the video. Many people who weren’t aware of the name of TikTok star were asking for “Murree Wali video” and “Pahron ki qasam video” (titles of Yashal Khan’s leaked video). See the Screenshot, below.

Twitter user asking for Yashal Khan's leaked video (Murree viral video)
Image: Screenshot of Twitter post

Many YouTubers have made reaction videos over Yashal Khan leaked video scandal. However, they were unable to upload the original video due to YouTube’s content policies. See the screenshot, below.

Screenshot of the reaction videos regarding Yashal Khan scandal (Murree viral video)
Image: Screenshot of YouTube’s reaction videos over Yashal Khan scandal

Earlier reports suggest, that TikTok star Yashal Khan leaked her own video in order to gain popularity and more followers on her TikTok account. Speaking to a Youtube channel, Samar TV Urdu, TikTok star said it is her own life and she doesn’t care what people speak about her leaked video scandal.

Who is Yashal Khan

TikTok star Yashal Khan

Yashal Khan is a Pakistani TikTok star and social media personality who has half million followers on her TikTok account. Her TikTok ID is @Yashal121.

She has fewer than 5K followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram account ID is @official_Yashal.

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