Top tips to help you make the business water switch

    If you have an eligible business, then it’s easy to switch water suppliers. When you decide to make the switch, it can sometimes take less than a month to complete. To successfully switch water suppliers, you need to determine your water use, check your current water deal, shop around, agree a water deal, and choose the water tariff. Remember that only water and wastewater suppliers are supposed to serve businesses. 

    You can also use water brokers like Utility Bidder, business groups, and many more for advice and information to help you to purchase water for your business. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a water supplier who wants to offer you a water contract with them, you need to determine if they are a reputable water supplier. This page provides some top tips to help you make the business water switch. 

    Determine your water use

    You need to check your recent water bill to determine exactly the amount of water you utilize, how you pay for it, and how much water you use. It can be a good idea to know your current water use, annual water use, current bills and charges, and service supply point identification number. 


    That said, you also need to check your current water deal. You have to know the terms of your current water contract so that you can get a better water deal. It’s worth noting that you can decide to switch your wastewater removal, water supply, or both services.

    You may have to speak with your water supplier to find out if you can have a better water contract before terminating the current one. You can compare their offer with other water deals available on the market before you switch. But the water supplier has put you on a default tariff, which is also called a deemed tariff, then they can decide to offer you another water contract that suits the needs of your business. 

    Shop around

    It’s also good to check the other water options available to you regardless of whether your water supplier is giving you a good water deal. Therefore, you can visit the water suppliers’ websites, check comparison websites, or contact water brokers for advice.

    You should talk to your potential water suppliers to find out what they offer. Remember to also speak with your current water supplier so that you can negotiate a better water deal. Each water supplier can check and confirm your eligibility, answer your question associated with the contract, and give you other details you need. 

    If you can switch water suppliers and want to do it, your potential water supplier can start the switching process. While they are doing the switching process, you can have about 7 days to decide whether or not you should change the water suppliers. This is called a cooling-off period, so you can choose to halt the switching process whenever you want. You don’t have to offer any reasons for stopping the process. If the switching process is done, then the water supplier will let you know.