Travis Pastrana Accident Video -Travis Pastrana parachuting stunt video


Travis Pastrana Accident Video CCTV Footage Goes Viral on Social Media. Travis Pastrana injured in Parachute stunt jump gone wrong.Travis Pastrana Injured in Parachuting Accident After Jumping from High-Rise Hotel .

Travis Pastrana Accident Video
Travis Pastrana video

The 38 years old famous motosports competitor and stuntman, injured and was taken to a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This accident happened on Saturday after Travis Pastrana attempting to jump from a high-rise downtown hotel to Huizenga Plaza below.

Here is Travis Pastrana wrong jump video ๐Ÿ‘‡
Travis Pastrana Injury Video

Who is Travis Pastrana:

Travis Pastrana is an American skilled motorsports competitor and stunt performer. He is also the 11-time X Games gold medalist in his field. Travis Pastrana age is 38 Years. He is America’s stunt-master-in-chief.

Travis Pastrana Injury Video:

In a video of the incident posted by Travis Pastrana on his Instagram account, Pastrana can be seen trying to control his parachute after jumping from the top of the hotel. He quickly gaining speed as he descends toward the ground.

Travis Pastrana failed jump
Image Source: twitter – Travis Pastrana jump video

In the last few seconds of the video, Travis Pastrana, the 11-time X Games gold medalist can be seen landing with forceful impact in the grass near the hotel.

“What Happened to Travis Pastrana?” This is hot question of the day. As when Pastrana Hospitalized After Parachute Stunt Crash he is Trending on social media.

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