Trey Songz spitting video leaked and goes viral and makes his fans angry for his act during pandemic

Trey Songz Spitting video goes viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. Meanwhile, Fans react over Trey Songz leaked video with anger and disgust and accuse Trey Songz of spreading pandemic.

Video: Trey Songz spitting

According to details, on the morning of March 14, 2021, Trey Songz appeared on Twitter trending page along with a query “Trey Songz Spitting video”. Fans were disgusted after finding the reason of why Trey Songz is trending.

The reason was a leaked video of Trey Songz Songz which shows him with two women. The video further shows Trey Songz sharing his spit with the women. You can watch Trey Songz leaked spitting video here and here.


It was not confirmed that this video is recent or if it’s content for his Only-Fans page, But if it is, is this what you’re really paying to see?

Trey Songz was trending previous month also for a similar but more bold video of him which was leaked by an Instagram model.

Twitter Reacts to Trey Songz Spitting video

Since Trey Songz spitting video emerged on social media, Many of his fans are now arguing that we are in the middle of pandemic and everyone is advised to maintain a social distance. But Trey Songz is performing an act as shown in this recent video (Spitting in the mouth of two women) which mean that he doesn’t care about other’s health and hygiene.


A Twitter user reacted over Trey Songz leaked spitting video and said, tweet reads: “Trey Songz really spit in them people mouth TF while we still in a Pandemic.. And they sat there and let him do it.. Chileee wdf is going on.”

Many users who watched the purported video out of curiosity are now regretting their decision and wishing to unsee the video.

A Twitter user “Syd” wrote, tweet reads: “Dammit why did I click to find out why Trey Songz was trending.”


“I just needa start minding my business whenever I see trey songz trending,” says another user.

“Why did I click on that Trey Songz video?! Instantly covered my eyes while screaming and gagging. I did not need a visual for Walls. My eyes…,” another user said while sharing a meme.

See more reactions, below.



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