TODAY IN “WHO COULD’VE SEEN THAT COMING?”: Trisha Paytas responds to Charli D’Amelio in a series of TikTok videos on her TikTok account. Trisha Paytas called out Charli’s parents and James Charles for their influence on Charli.

Video: Trisha Paytas responds to Charli D’amelio

Charli D’amelio, who was near to reach 100,000,000 (Hundred million) followers on her TikTok account, is recently being cancelled by her fans after a YouTube video, showing Charli and Dixie D’amelio being rude and disrespectful to their Chef Aaron. She is losing her TikTok followers rapidly. Charli has lost more than one million followers in past 24 hours and numbers of her followers are still dropping.

After the outrage by her fans, Charli D’amelio cried during a live video streaming and called-out Trisha Paytas. Charli D’Amelio said Trisha has been “completely rude to her the whole time.” Charli asks Trisha to stop talking about her.

In the response, Trisha Paytas explains why she was commentating in Charli D’Amelio’s videos. Trisha Paytas says Charli D’Amelio is specifically calling her out because of the people in her life, specifically James Charles (A YouTuber who was present at the dinner which lead to backlash over Charli D’amelio)

Trisha Paytas says: “This is the Internet and that people are allowed to comment on things. There are people being way harsher on Charli D’Amelio then what she said.”

Trisha Paytas further added that she doesn’t wish anybody be canceled.

“If you’re over 18 and you’re on the Internet other people are allowed to talk about you. Viewers are allowed to have opinions and to voice their opinions.”

Trisha Paytas says in the response to Charli D’amelio

Trisha Kay Paytas is an American media personality, YouTuber and model. Born in Riverside, California, Paytas was raised in Illinois before relocating to Los Angeles in her teens. After moving, she became a stripper and began acting on the side, primarily as an extra.

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