Tuimala Fire Video – Video of Tuimala Uinisē Moala Spread on Social media

    5 seconds of fame while someone lost their life?”: Circulation of Tuimala fire video leaves internet outraged.

    Tuimala fire video is currently trending online and people are criticising those who filmed the video of an house fire which resulted the loss of life of Tuimala Uinisē Moala, a Vava’u, Tonga-native.

    Tuimala Uinisē Moala
    Tuimala Uinisē Moala was unable to escape the fire (Image via Kaniva Tonga)

    The 46-year-old, Tuimala Uinisē Moala, failed to exit her home, which was on fire. Netizens have since taken to social media to express disdain over those who were recording the jarring moments instead of offering help.

    The video of Tuimala, trying to escape the fire, has been shared on Facebook and Twitter. We will not upload the video here but you can watch Tuimala fire video on Facebook by going through this link to video.

    Screenshot image taken from Tuimala fire video

    One person said that while the victim was burning inside the house, people were recording the video and questioned what they did it for, the user said, “5 seconds of fame while someone lost their life?”

    Screenshot of the Twitter post under Tuimala fire video

    Law enforcement revealed that Tuimala and her husband were in their three-storey residence when their home got engulfed in flames. The husband managed to escape the building, however, his wife remained trapped in the fire.

    Police also shared that the couple’s neighbors and her husband attempted to save Tuimala. However, they were not able to reach the victim in time.

    A video of the distressing moment was uploaded to Facebook. Kaniva News claimed that the clip showed a woman screaming for help and calling for what seemed to be her husband.

    Law enforcement also revealed that they were aware of the video being circulated online. They added that some misinformation about the incident has been making its rounds online.