Kirsten Stewart private photos and video leaked on social media

Twilight’s Actress Kirsten Stewart’s private video and a series of self-portraits pictures leaked online and made her fans surprised. “okay can someone explain to me what happened with kristen stewart and these leaked photos I hear about?” Wrote a Twitter user after watching the leaked video of Kirsten Stewart on Twitter.


According to details, a private video of American Actress Kirsten Stewart appeared on Twitter along with dozens of leaked pictures of her. Twitter users went into a frenzy after watching the leaked video and photos of Kirsten Stewart.

The leaked pictures of Kristen Stewart, most of them self-portraits, were shared on Twitter and disseminated by different websites, specialised in this type of content. In the pictures, the actress can be seen showing off her parts in bed and the bathroom.


The leaked video shows Kirsten Stewart revealing herself while videotaping by using her mobile phone camera before the mirror in her washroom. In the leaked video, She is showing some bruises on her arms and can be heard saying “Look at this… like I am literally have been attacked.”

It seems that Stewart made this video for someone with whom she recently dated and bruises were made by him.

Although leaked video and pictures were removed from most of the Twitter pages, some Twitter users are still sharing them. You can see Kirsten Stewart’s leaked Photo here (Video on this page and picture on this Twitter page.)


Also, You can watch Kristen Stewart leaked video and pictures all together here.

Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress and filmmaker. She rose to stardom for her lead role as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga film series, which collectively grossed over $3.3 billion worldwide.

Kristen Stewart is always between controversy and success, as her career is always going through ups and downs; and she doesn’t seem to care. In this 2021, the actress is being reviewed by the media for her work in “Spencer” , the biographical film of Lady Di , where she plays the late Diana of Wales.


She hasn’t responded to her leaked video and pictures yet.


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