Twitter Blocked MTG’s Account For Spreading Fallacious Information

twitter blocked MTG's

Twitter blocked the twitter account of Majorie Tylor Greene. MTG has been propagating misinformation as to the credibility of Corona Virus vaccination. Twitter has strict guidelines on issues regarding Corona Virus. Moreover, twitter is not tolerant of any erroneous information on critical matters. 

Previously twitter has suspended accounts of many congressmen,as well as, others. For deviating from guidelines on serious issues. 

Accusations Against Twitter 

MTG accused Twitter of suspending the freedom of speech. It was said that Twitter supported Communist tenet by banning the MTG’s account

For Example,

The Reason Behind The Ban 

Twitter blocked her account after her discourse on the death caused by Corona Virus vaccination. She is of the view that vaccination has but enhanced the threat and damage. The spokesperson for twitter in his statement, on the issue, said, 

“We’ve been clear that, per our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of the policy.” 


Ever since the outbreak of Corona Virus. She has been critical of measures taken for the prevention of virus. Being supporter of Donald Trump, she called into question the credibility of 2020 Presidential Elections. 

MTG’s work account not banned 

Consequently Twitter suspended her personal account. However, her work account is still working. She propagated the erroneous information on her personal account. Nonetheless, critics are of the opinion that twitter shall also suspend her work account.

For instance, 

MTG Despised On Twitter 

She has been heavily criticized on twitter for her erroneous viewpoint as to the credibility of Corona Virus Vaccines. Critics said twitter shall also ban her work account. People argued that her work account shall be banned for lifetime. Because her silence is better than her voice. Furthermore, Some made references to her face and appearance. And said that it’s ugly. 

For instance,

Twitter Criticized For Suspending The Account

While on the other hand, people are also critical of Twitter’s action. They accused twitter of charging like ‘Big Brother’ (1984). Moreover, it indicates the suspension of freedom. For instance,

Whereas, in America it can’t be permitted.