Harry Styles leaked photo while he is eating Coochie goes viral on social media

“Harry Styles Leaked photo eating Coochie” is getting viral on Twitter. However, his fans and Twitter users are divided on whether the Harry Styles eating photo is real or fake. Some fans even argue that the person in the alleged Harry Styles leaked photo is Charlie Heaton (an English actor who resembles Harry Styles).


Harry Styles Leaked Photo Eating Coochie


On March 20, 2021, a photo appeared on Twitter which shows a man, eating Coochie. The purported photo doesn’t show the face of the man but only his head and hairs which closely resembles Harry Styles.

In the beginning, Twitter users were convinced that it is Harry Styles leaked photo and he is eating the Coochie. However, others argued that the man in the purported photo is Charlie Heaton.

Twitter users are confused over Harry styles leaked photo and assume that the person in "Alleged Harry Styles Eating Coochie" photo is Charlie Heaton
Charlie Heaton and Harry Styles are not related, though a lot of One Direction and Stranger Things fans have noticed similarities between the two Brits. 

Some source suggests that the purported picture is fake and The person in the leaked picture is not Harry Styles nor Charlie Heaton.

You can see alleged Harry Styles leaked photo here.

Fans React to Harry Styles leaked Picture

Harry Styles has been in the news ever since he won a Grammy. The singer won in the category of ‘Pop Solo Performance’ for his song ‘Watermelon Sugar.’ On March 20, the news of Harry Styles’ alleged leaked photo reached Twitter after the TikTok video went viral. Following this, people started using ‘watermelon sugar high’ to describe its context.


Following this, several other TikTok users started sharing the video on their profiles. In only a matter of a few seconds, Twitter users also got wind of the picture as some social media users tweeted the image through their profile.

However, the picture is NOT real, and it is not Harry. There are a couple of people who have been reacting to the image. On the other hand, some are trying to stop the picture from getting shared as one fan “Cello” wrote:

“DO NOT SPREAD THE HARRY STYLES LEAKED PHOTO here’s why: harry styles has said in interviews that thinking of himself in situations that can be s*exual makes him EXTREMELY uncomfortable. if he saw this pic, photoshopped or not, it would make him feel extremely uncomfortable.”


Another Twitter user “Octavia” wrote:

“that “leaked” photo of harry styles is literally photoshopped and you’re all stupid and disrespectful for spreading it anyways.”

“a harry styles leaked is the least thing that i expect coming back to twitter,” another user added while sharing a meme.



See more reactions over Harry Styles alleged leak picture, below.


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