• “Idkijustworkh11” is a Twitter user who shared a fake video, claiming it as Addison Rae leaked, on Twitter
  • Several TikTok users are convinced that An Addison Rae video leaked on Twitter
  • ConfirmedConfirmed reports suggest Alleged Addison Rae leaked video is fake
Addison Rae leaked Twitter video explained here

Rumours are flooding social media that an x-rated video of Addison Rae has been leaked on Twitter. However, the purported video is fake and made by using Deepfake Technology.

The TikTok star Addison Rae is the talk of the internet as fans claim an expl1c1t clip of her was posted by a Twitter account called Idkijustworkh11. However, this is not true.

We will debunk the rumours, and will tell you who is idkijustworkh11. Furthermore, we will tell you how can you watch Addison Rae (fake) leaked video.

WHO IS IDKIJUSTWORKH11, the person who shared Addison Rae leaked video?

Idkijustworkh11 is a mystery Twitter user that joined the platform in October 2020.

The account has around 800 followers and doesn’t appear to be active on Twitter anymore.

They have only posted three times, all of which are a fake x-rated video of Addison Rae.


In October 2020, Idkijustworkh11 posted a v⁸ideo on Twitter that has recently gone viral as fans think the woman in the clip is Addison Rae.

You can watch Alleged Addison Rae video here

However, the video is actually fake, and someone has used an editing tool to edit Addison’s face onto another person.

This is known as a deepfake, which is when an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. 

It’s a very professional form of photoshopping that uses artificial intelligence to convincingly make images and videos of fake events.

Deepfakes are a huge problem on social media as they can look very real, and this one certainly fooled a lot of people.

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