Tyler Posey Onlyfans video leaked
Tyler Posey admits during live video streaming at Onlyfans that he was with a man before. Image via Tyler Posey’s Onlyfans page

Tyler Posey Onlyfans video leaked? This is the first question appeared in the minds of many after American Actor/Director/Musician Tyler Posey joined Onlyfans (an X-rated subscription based Platform for content creators). Watch Tyler Posey Onlyfans video, below.

Video of Tyler posey Onlyfans

On Monday, September 28, 2020, Tyler Posey has announced that he is now on Onlyfans. “I did it. Join me, Tyler wrote in a tweet while sharing the promo video of His appearance on Onlyfans. See his tweet, below.


Tyler Posey’s Onlyfans video includes clips of him on Teen Wolf and riding in a convertible, performing onstage, along with other behind-the-scenes footage. “OnlyFans presents actor, director, musician, Tyler Posey,” the video reads, before cutting to him shirtless.

Tyler Posey’s Onlyfans video further shows him speaking “Hey guys. Welcome to my OnlyFans,”.

“Welcome to my OnlyFans. I play guitar in my bare a**. Hang with me and we’ll be best friends!” he sings while strumming on a guitar perched on a stool, n*de.”

Later on in a live video streaming at Onlyfans, Tyler Posey admitted to being with a man.

How People Responded to Tyler Posey’s Onlyfans

Soon after the news ‘Tyler has joined Onlyfans’ surfaced online, curiosity seekers have started looking for Tyler Posey’s Onlyfans leaked video.

Twitter user ‘doja cats fish shoe’ wrote on Twitter, tweet reads: “Me waiting for y’all to leak tyler posey’s onlyfans.”

Tyler Posey leaked Onlyfans video

Another Twitter user ‘whora-gami’ wrote: “Tyler posey has an onlyfans? I can’t wait for those photos to leak because I’m not paying.”

desire for Tyler Posey’s leaked Onlyfans Pictures

Others responded to the news in their own way. Twitter user @thiccgiant wrote, tweet reads: “See celebrities doing Onlyfans doesn’t sit right with me… Like what is the reason? You have money. You don’t need a side hustle. All you’re doing is taking away income from sex workers who actually need it. Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey, I’m talking to your greedy as**s.”

See more responses in the tweets, below.

How Much Tyler Posey’s Onlyfans Costs

Tyler Posey has set a subscription fee of $14.99 per month for his exclusive content on his Onlyfans page.

Tyler Posey's Onlyfans page
Iimage via Onlyfans

He has uploaded five posts on his Onlyfans page since Saturday so the fans who are subscribing to his Onlyfans will not have to wait to see his exclusive content.

Tyler Posey’s Onlyfans Page’s welcome note reads “Welcome to My Onlyfans page!”

The first five posts of his Onlyfans page includes his fully Node pictures while covering his Assets by a guitar, Kettle and other stuff. His Onlyfans posts read:

  1. Who wouldn’t wanna lounge around with me all day (accompanied with a 8 seconds long video)
  2. Who else got some bad habits? (accompanied with an image)
  3. Foot Rub? (accompanied with an image)
  4. My lap looks like a nice seat (accompanied with an image)
  5. You need a light? (accompanied with an image)


Tyler Garcia Posey is an American actor and musician who is known for his role as Scott McCall on the MTV series Teen Wolf.

Born: October 18, 1991 (age 28 years), Santa Monica, California, United States, Height: 1.78 m, SiblingsDerek PoseyJesse Posey, ParentsJohn PoseyCyndi Garcia, Upcoming movieAlone

Following on Social Media

Tyler Posey has2.3 million followers on his Twitter account @tylergposey. He has 5.8 million followers on his Instagram page. Onlyfans is the latest online platform which he has joined recently.

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Pink cloud summer : hoodie from @coalnterryvintage

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Tyler Posey is not the first celebrity to join Onlyfans. Earlier this month, Cardi B and Bella Thorne have also made headlines after joining Onlyfans.

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