The Indian government, Indian Media, Indian politician and even the Indian army is always busy spreading fear among their own people. A recent statement of the Indian Naval chief is getting viral on social media. Many social media users are making fun of the recent statement of India’s Naval Cheif Karambir Singh. He said in an interview ” Underwater wing of Jaish e Muhammad could attack India “. He told the media that they ( Jaish e Muhammad ) are training their people to attack India from Water. Here is the statement of Indian Naval chief regarding underwater wing of Jaish e Muhammad.

Underwater Wing of Jaish e Muhammad Could Attack, India’s Naval Cheif tells to media.

This is not the first time when Indian Army Cheif or other officials tried to spread fear among Indian people. He said that the Indian navy is alert to encounter the threats from Underwater Wing of Jaish e Muhammad (JEM). The term he used is funny but the more alarming thing is that when any commander from Indian Forces gives such kind of statement then it is signal that India is going to stage another drama like Pulwama Attack as they did back in February 2019. Here is the complete statement of Indian Naval chief Karambir Singh.

Source: ANI

India is addicted to doing false flag operations to divert attention away from various kinds of issues inside India or on a global level. At a time when the whole world is protesting against Human rights violations in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir by Indian Army, it is likely that they could stage any kind of false incident and start blame game same as they did in the past. Here is a detailed analysis of what India could do in upcoming days to divert attention away from Kashmir issue. Watch the video below.

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