In an achievement before the Imran Khan’s Visit to USA, American government declared BLA ( BALOCHISTAN LIBERATION ARMY ) as global terrorist organisation on 2 july 2019.

United States of America declared Balochistan liberation army as global terrorist organisation.
Blaochistan liberation army designated as global terrorist organisation on 02 july 2019.

United States government also freeze its all assets overseas. USA is third to declare BLA as global terrorist organisation after Pakistan and United Kingdom.

US DECLARES BLA as global terrorist organisation and freezes its all assets.
Image: Screenshot from Wikipedia
USA declared BLA as global terrorists organisation.

BLA is an anti-Pakistan terrorists organisation, which operates against Pakistan and Pakistan army since 2004. Its headquarter is in Afghanistan and India is major sponsor of BLA along with Iran and Afghanistan. BLA was involved in the killing of hundreds of Punjabi labours and Pakistan army soldiers on the name of Balochistan’s freedom. Many BLA leaders are residing in India and Afghanistan. It was alleged that India provides Balochistan liberation army’s leaders hideouts and give them medical treatment.

The master mind of Attack on chinese consulate ” Aslam Achu ” was getting treatment in Mumbai hospital. It was also revealed that Indian intelligence agency RAW was behind the attack at chinese consulate in Karachi.

The action of USA government to declare Blaochistan liberation army came just before the visit of Prime minister Imran Khan, Which could result as welcome gesture for improving US/PAK bilateral relations.

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