Islamabad: National assembly session, September 02, 2019, Maulana Fazal ur Rehman making a furious speech on the floor. “Use force against Imran Khan’s sit-in protest (Dharna)” Maulana Fazal ur Rehman Demands Nawaz government. Make Islamabad clean from these groups of protesters, Fazal ur Rehman applauded on the floor, and Hundreds of law makers were clapping. Watch his speech by yourself.

Fazal ur Rehman Demands use of force against Imran Khan’s protest in 2014.

Time has changed now. Fazal ur Rehman is planning a same protest but with a different prospective. Getting out of national assembly after lossing in all constituencies during the General elections 2018, Fazal ur Rehman need any thing possible to attach him with the government. But the Kingdom has also changed.

Also, Watch BJP Leader asking Hindu men to Gang-rape Muslim women in Kashmir.

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