Veena Malik Confronts Gulalai Ismail on Twitter
Veena Malik on tge left, while Gulai Ismail on the right. Image: Social media.

Afghan Origin, grown in Pakistan and ran away Gulalai Ismail love to speak against Pakistan and Pakistan army. But this time Pakistani filmstar Veena Malik, who is quite active on Twitter these days, confronted Gulalai Ismail by very harsh words.

Response of Veena Malik to Gulalai Ismail.

This thread started when Gulalai posted a picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton and criticized “on Pakistani dressing of Kate Middleton” saying:

From the East to the West, why should the burden of respect for “culture” be placed on the shoulders of women? William may only wear a desi dress at the reception, but Kate will be expected to wear Pakistani clothing all over the trip.

Here is the first tweet of Gulalai which sparked a tweet war between her and Veena Malk:

Gulalai received massive Trolling and Criticism under this tweet of her and many people advised her to keep shut about Pakistan. Even a Twitter user called her “Pakhtoon version of Mia Khalifa (a famous pornstar).

Ihtisham Ul Haq responded to her.

Then here Gulalai Ismail started speaking against Pakistan army and DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor.

This was the tweet after whichh Veena Malik took over her with a harsh Response. Also, watch Sohai Ali Abro get criticism after insulting Hijab.

Gulalai Ismail who grown up in Pakistan after her parents migrated from Afghanistan, during Soviet/ Afghan war is an active member of so-called Pashtun Tahafuz movement (PTM). The PTM is alleged for taking foreign funding and manipulate Pashtun people’s mind against the Pakistan Army.

Also, Watch the Indian media crying on Royal Tour (the Tour of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) to Pakistan.

She fled to Afghanistan and then moved to the United States after a crackdown of Pakistani security agencies against her for anti-state activities. Meanwhile, sitting outside Pakistan, Gulalai Ismail keeps spitting poison against Pakistan, Pakistan Army and Maj General Asif Ghafoor who is Director General Inter-service Public relation (DG ISPR).

On other hand, once famous as “scandal girl” Vena Malik who was not much caring about patriotism type stuff, changed suddenly and emerged as a social media activist to confront the internal and foreign propaganda against Pakistan. Her recent tweets in Past 6 months show that she is going against anyone who try to malign the national institutions.

She just started to confront the traitors and those who speak against the Pakistan Army on social media, specifically on Twitter. Watch her some recent patriotic Tweets below.

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