British man on a flight to Turkey assaults a black woman

A British man on a flight from London to Turkey throws a punch at an African woman. Footage shows people shouting and swearing at each other before easyJet staff intervene.

Witnesses said the brawl broke out when the male passenger allegedly racially abused another flyer. A woman says: ‘I am African – do not chat sh*t about my people’, before the man lunges over the seats towards her, flinging a clenched fist.

It is not clear from the video whether his punch connected with the victim or if it hit the chair in front. Onlookers claim the woman in the footage was defending a friend, who the man had racially abused. Turkish police were called to meet the plane on arrival and clips show the man being led from the plane.

Witnesses said it was the second fracas the Briton had been involved in on the flight after he allegedly kicked off when a passenger threw away his son’s paper plane.

Footage shows other holidaymakers getting out of the way while the man shouts and raves, penned in by plane staff, on the Gatwick to Antalya flight.

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