Video: American Jennifer Grout Converts to Islam and Recite Quran

Jennifer Grout Converts to Islam and Recite Holy Quran
American singer Jennifer Grout after converting to Islam.

American singer Jennifer Grout just revealed that she converted to Islam in 2013. According to details a video of Jennifer Grout wenf viral on social media and it was broadcasted on several News Channels of electronic media including Al Jazeera. Watch the video of Jennifer Grout reciting Holy Quran, below.

After that she revealed on her Twitter account that she has converted to Islam in 2013 in Morroco. Her Tweet Reads:

For everyone who’s been wondering after seeing my recitation of Ayat-u-l kursi, yes I am Muslim; I converted in Morocco in 2013.

Later on, The video of Jennifer Grout converting to Islam, was posted on YouTube channels. Watch the video, below.

Jennifer Grout converts to Islam and recites Quran | First Rare Clip | Desi Tv

After getting appreciation from millions of Muslims around the world, she clarify that she is not positioning herself as an expert of Islam. ” I am not positioning myself as an expert, model or representative of Muslims, I represent myself and that is all I am able to offer here, Jennifer Grout said in a tweet.”

Watch more videos of Jennifer Grout, below.