Video: BJP LEADER Vijay Jolly Thrown out By Security During A Summit


Indian Parliamentarian and BJP leader Vijay Jolly was thrown out of conference hall by security during Asia Pacific summit 2019. During the conference, Deputy speaker of Pakistan’s national assembly Qasim Suri was doing a speech. In his speech, Qasim Suri raised the issue of Kashmir and told the conference members about Inhuman acts of Indian Army in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Video: Indian Parliamentarian Vijay Jolly pushed out by security during Asia Pacific summit in Cambodia.

While Qasim Suri was raising the Kashmir issue, Indian Parliamentarian and BJP leader (A member of Bharatiya Janata Party ) Vijay Jolly started shouting and misbehaving in a loud voice. The purpose of his misbehaviour was to interrupt Qasim Suri from telling the world about the current situation in Kashmir.

After his continues interruption in the speech of Qasim Suri and shouting in bad manners, The management asked Conference’s security staff to Escort Vijay Jolly out of the conference hall.

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The video of Vijay Joll (Captured in Cambodia when security was escorting him out of the conference hall) became viral on social media. Several major social media pages shared the video of Indian Parliamentarian Vijay Jolly (who is a senior BJP leader from Delhi). Watch the Public Reactions on the viral video of Vijay Jolly, below.
Video: BJP leader Vijay Jolly pushed out by security during Asia Pacific summit in Cambodia.

The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is intense since August 5, 2019, when the Indian government revoked the article 35-A and Article 370 and put a curfew in the Muslim majority areas of the valley. Pakistan as a Major Stake in The Kashmir issue has serious concerns over the human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Pakistan’s government is raising the Kashmir issue on every global forum and in the General assembly of Security council. The speech of Qasim Suri was a part of Pakistan’s efforts to highlight the Kashmir issue, which could cause a nuclear war between India and Pakistan (As warned by Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan). India is trying hard to cover human rights violations in Kashmir by the Indian army. The interruption of BJP leader Vijay Jolly in the speech of Qasim Suri was a part of India’s cover-up efforts.