Video by Kwanner3 Twitter user – Kwanner3 Twitter video of Adin Ross Twitch stream

    Kwanner3 Twitter video goes viral on TikTok

    Kwanner3 Twitter video goes viral on social media and people are curious to know more about Kwanner3 Twitter user and the video he shared on his Twitter page.

    Twitter user Kiwan, popular by his Twitter handle, Kwanner3, posted a video clip, from Streamer Adin Ross’ Twitch stream, on his Twitter page. The viral video clip is the one which led a ban on Adin Ross on Twitch.

    Earlier last week, Adin Ross was hit by a strike during a live stream on Twitch because of a short video clip someone played during his livestream.

    The viral video clip shows A man getting head from another man.

    Twitter user, Kwanner3 shared the purported video clip on his Twitter page and instantly went viral on social media and TikTok. Kwanner3 has less than 400 followers on Twitter. However, the purported video clip has made him popular on TikTok and Facebook.

    People on TikTok are now referring users to Kwanner3 Twitter page and asking them to watch the interested clip which also became popular by the label of “Adin Ross banned clip.”

    You can watch Kwanner3 Twitter video here. Warning: NSFW Content.