Trump’s fanboy Danny Tommo Punches Man Outside Buckingham Palace during the anti-Trump protest. As NATO leaders meet the queen, a demo was held outside Buckingham Palace, London, United Kingdom. During the Demo, Anti-Trump protesters were met by a counter-protester, a fan of the US President Donald Trump. During the arguments, Danny Tommo Punches Antifa on the face. Watch the video of Danny Tommo Punching Antifa, below.

Video: Danny Tommo Punches Antifa on the face.

The video of Danny Tommo became viral on social media and shared by thousands of Left-wing and right-wing supporters with their own descriptions.

Tweet reads: VID: PUNCH-UP outside Buckingham Palace as NATO leaders meet the Queen. A punch was thrown during a demo in London. Anti-Trump protesters were met by a counter-protester who threw the punch. #NoToTrump #NATOLondon #NatoSummit #StandUptoRacism #antifa #TrumpUKVisit #dannytommo

After the Punch-up, police did interfere quickly and take down Tommo who punched on the face of Anti-Trump protester (Antifa). Danny Tommo was then handcuffed and lead away in the police custody. Watch the video of Danny Tommo’s arrest, below.

Video: Trump’s Fan boy Danny Tommo arrested after throwing a punch on the face of Antifa.

According to his Twitter profile, Danny Tommo is a British citizen, a journalist and an activist who speaks about the issues which Uk’s establishment won’t discuss.

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