Dr Maleeha Lodhi Secretly meets Nawaz Sharif and leaves from the back door of his residence.

LONDON: Pakistan’s former Ambassador at the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi met the ailing former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at his residence, Avenfield House, Source reported.

Video of Dr Maleeha Lodhi while leaving the residence of Nawaz Sharif from the back door of his house, became viral. Watch the video which shows that dr Maleeha Lodhi leaving with Nawaz Sharif’s driver from the back door of Avenfields Apartments of Nawaz Sharif.

Video: Dr Maleeha Lodhi leaves the residence of Nawaz Sharif after meeting with him secretly.

The former Pakistani ambassador to the UN, Dr Maleeha Lodhi was filmed while leaving the residence of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s Leader, Nawaz Sharif earlier in the day by a Pakistani living in London. The video was shared on social media with a description showing doubts of a conspiracy between Nawaz Sharif and Maleeha Lodhi.


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Lodhi was accused of leaking a confidential letter of Pakistan to India and it is suspected that she was removed from her designation (as Permanent envoy of Pakistan to United Nations) because of that leaked letter.


On other hands, Nawaz Sharif met with Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai who is famous as Anti-Pakistan Afghan leader.

Nawaz Sharif who was sentenced to jail because of corruption charges is currently residing in London After getting bail from Lahore High court on medical grounds.


Dr Maleeha Lodhi didn’t make any comments on the leaked video of her secret meeting with Nawaz Sharif yet.



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