Karishma Bhosale viral video
Image: Screenshot from the viral video

A Hindu Girl ‘identified as Karishma Bhosale’ entered a Mosque in Mankhurd area of Bombay city, in order to stop Azan or Azaan (Muslims call for prayer) on the loudspeaker. Watch the video, below.

Video: Hindu girl identified as ‘Karishma Bhosale’ enters mosque in order to stop the Azan

According to details, a video emerged on social media which shows a Hindu girl (who was later identified as Karishma Bhosale) standing inside a mosque and furiously arguing with a couple of Muslim women.

The video of Karishma Bhosale further shows another dozen of People standing around. The conversation between Karishma Bhosale and people reveals that she is asking to stop Azan on the loudspeaker. However, Muslim people seem angry with her demand and they are asking her to leave.

Another half part of the video shows the Girl (Bhosale) screaming and verbally abusing the people in the mosque. The police are also present at the scene and trying to calm the situation down.

Karishma Bhosale has posted this video on her Twitter account (Twitter handle: KarishmaBhosal3). While sharing the video on Twitter she wrote in the caption: Tweet Reads

“@AskAnshul Namaskar Sir, I stay at Mankhurd, Mumbai. I went to a nearby mosque to speak to the authorities with an expectation that my mere request of lowering the volume of the loudspeaker(azaan)which is installed right in front of my window, would be heard, but in vain” “When I first approached the so-called authority, look how many people are gathered within time”.

However, the situation shown in the video of Karishma Bhosale, seems quite the opposite of her claim of “Mere Request”. Most of the people, commenting over her viral video, says she was the one who was screaming and misbehaving inside the mosque. People argued by saying that “she entered the mosque with the mere request of lowering the Azan volume but then she rose her own voice and started screaming. See the tweet, below.

Other people think that she did this and shared the video in order to spark conspiracy in order to gain the fame. This analysis seems quite hitting because Karishma Bhosale got the fame among extremist Hindu people who were already targeting Muslims and Azan during the past.


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