Video: Indian Army Officer Begs to Chinese Army at Sikkim Border

Video: Indian Army Officer Begs to Chinese Army Soldiers for mercy

A video emerged on social media which shows an Indian Army officer (of captain’s rank) begging Chinese Army Soldiers at Sikkim Border. See the video, below.
Video: Coward Indian Army officer begs chinese soldiers for not hitting their vehicles.

The video of Indian Army officer begging Chinese Army Soldiers became viral on social media and people are enjoying the situation.

A Twitter user wrote in his Tweet “Chinese officer is furious and Indian trying to cool him down by asking for talks. It’s a joy to watch how politely they talk to those who are powerful but to the weaker, they always try to grab them by the collar. This is the history of Indian Hindu Banya. Their existence is a shame.”

Video reveals the reason as Indian Army vehicles entered in disputed territory and Chinese are angry on that. “Turn around and go back right now, Chinese Army officer ordered to Indian Army captain.” The captain seems scared of Chinese and begging for a peaceful talk. However, Chinese don’t seem in a mood to talk.