Indian army soldier accuses his army officers of forcing soldiers to bring their wives into parties and dance before them
A young man is recruited in the army because he wants to do something for the country. But his feelings of love for the country have been faded after seeing the filth of Army officers.

Indian Army soldier (Jawan) unveils corrupt practices within indian army hints that Indian Army’s junior officers present their wives to senior officers as bribe, humalited by officers and forced to bring their wives to dance and appease senior officers in community centres. Watch the video below.

Leaked video of Indian army soldier accusing his senior officers of forcing them to bring their wives.

We know how difficult it is for an Army soldiers, but the truth is that their wives have a difficult life in Indian army.

We have heard this thing in Indian army many times before that Army soldiers are persecuted by their top officials. But now a new revelation has happened that the wives of the soldiers are also persecuted by the wives of the officers.

Complete video of Indian army soldier exposing filthy practices of senior officers

While sharing a video on social media, a jawan has said: “When we are posted on the border, we are forced to keep our family in the’ Family Welfare Center ‘of the Army. Here the wives of the officers use our wives as puppets. Our families are exploited by the officers. In the ‘Family Welfare Center’, the wives of the officers humiliate them. Senior officers tell our wives to dance in front of them and then makes fun of them.”

Not only this, wives of officers also make our wives feel the difference in rank of their husbands to us at all times. Whether it is to take the goods in the canteen or check up at the Army Health Center, Jawan added.”

“In army dress, we soldiers are made to do household work. Every time 25 to 30 soldiers are engaged in their domestic work at the house of an officer. Soldiers are used for cooking, washing clothes, polishing shoes, cleaning utensils and bringing vegetables from the market.”

Our officers order us to kill their wives and obey all their orders. Their wives also continue to plead with us all the time. They should not misuse her husband’s power in this way, soldier added.”

This video was shared on social media in the month of May, in which this jawan is accusing the officers and their wives of exploiting them.


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