[VIDEO] Indian Cruise Missile Falls over Own Head after Launch – Nirbhay Cruise Missile

Nirbhay cruise Missile of India, launch test failed for the fourth time

Indian Army has failed the test-launch of its attack cruise missile Nirbhay for the fourth time. The indigenously built intermediate-range land-attack rocket was named Nirbhay and was dubbed the Indian version of the American Tomahawk and the Russian Club SS-N-27 Sizzler. However, the subsonic cruise missile failed the test within a few seconds of the launch. Watch the video, below.

Video: Nirbhay cruise missile test failed after its launch

In just 35 days, it was India’s tenth missile test. While many were successful, Nirbhay failed the test flight of the 1000-km range. According to the country’s defence scientists, the failure was due to a technical issue. However, they gave no further details on the matter.

The missile’s local production began in 2007. Reports state that the stealthy rocket was powered by the Russian Saturn 50MT turbofan engine and could deliver different warheads and switch targets during the flight. Over time, the Nirbhay missile failed all five test launches.

Observing the initial behavior, the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) made various changes to its design and equipment and retested the missile on the 12th of October. Thirteen years of work done flushed down the drain when the rocket failed the task again.

Social media erupted with jokes and memes after watching the video of Indian Cruise Missile Nirbhay’s failed test. Twitterati started tweeting about the Indian Army. Some related the failure to the ‘famous landing’ of the Indian pilot, Abhinandan, while others recalled the failed test of Agni-III.

Here are some of the funniest reactions on Twitter after watching the launch video of Nirbhay cruise Missile: