Tiktok is trending on social media since India announced to ban the application along with 58 other Chinese applications in India. TikTok has its 3rd most users in India. While nationalists in India are cheering the Ban, Many Indian users are Crying.

رونا 😂😄

Posted by Best Things on Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Video: Indian Girl cries over TikTok ban in India

Video emerged on social media shows an Indian girl, who is ofcourse a mad lover of Tiktok, is crying over the ban and saying “it’s ok if you ban TikTok in India but remember I will not download any crap Indian application from Google play store.”

The video of this Indian girl getting viral on social media and people are making fun of it.

While others (specifically nationalists) are cheering Indian government’s decision to ban Chinese apps and calling it ‘a digital Strike’ against China.


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