Two Israeli Settlers Unleashed Fierce Dog over Palestinian Men praying on sidewalk.

It is getting common that Israeli oppression forces and settlers unleash dogs over Palestinian to scare them and even to hurt them. Dozens of incidents has been reported when Palestinian men got hurt by Israeli Dogs.

Recently, A video emerged on social media which shows two men unleashing a fierce dog on two persons (A father and his son) praying on a sidewalk. People claimed in the video captions as “Two Israeli Settlers Unleashed Fierce Dog to attack on Palestinian Men praying on sidewalk.” See the video, below.

jahat nya org israel suruh anjing gigit org Islam sdg solat. tapi anjing itu sujud pada rakyat Palestin yg sedang solat tu.anih kan kuasa Allah.

Posted by Muslim Beriman on Friday, May 8, 2020
Video: Israeli Settlers Unleashed Fierce Dog over Palestinian Men praying on sidewalk.

The viral video shows the dog rushing towards Palestinian men aggressively. Meanwhile, a Palestinian man and his son keep sitting for praying. Dog approaches to them and barks over them with anger. Palestinian Men don’t react to the dog and keep praying.

Israeli men release their dog over Palestinian men to attack

Then a strange thing happened. Fierce Dog sits beside them in a friendly way. Until the men complete their prayer, the dog keeps laying beside them in a calm mood.

Yet it was not confirmed that the incident happened for real in Israel or Palestine, or maybe the video was scripted. But the video becoming viral all over social media.

The video was first shared on Malaysian websites and received millions of views. Later on it was shared on Malaysian Facebook pages with similar claims in the caption.

Hasbunallahhu waniaqmal wakeel..Anjing yang ganas bisa tunduk!

Posted by PEMBAWA PANJI JIHAD FISABILILLAH on Monday, May 4, 2020
Video of Israeli men releasing their dog to attack on Palestinian Men who were praying on sidewalk.
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