Justin Bieber is frustrated about his Google Images search results: 'People legitimately try to sabotage me'

Justin Bieber calls out the Google for making old pictures of him, from the time when he was sick with Lyme Disease, at the top of search results when you search for Justin Bieber at Google. He also called out media outlets for not using new pictures he sent to them.

video: Justin Bieber calls out the Google for showing his old Photos

Showing his frustration regarding his old pictures at Google, Justin Bieber made a video while searching his name on Google image search. He then posted this video on his Instagram


“I don’t know what the algorithm for why certain photos come up but this is so frustrating,” Bieber said in a video posted to his Instagram Stories on November 19.

Justin Bieber calls out Google for their image search results on him.
Justin Bieber calls out Google for their image search results on him. (Instagram

“Because I spent a lot of time trying to get healthy. I feel like people legitimately try to sabotage me.”

Justin Bieber then showed fans the image results of him when upon searching his name.

“This was a time where I was really unhealthy and I battling Lyme disease,” he said. “All of the top photos are of me looking dishevelled. I was obviously going through a tough time but these are the photos the media is trying to run with. There are so many photos that I served to the media, but they continue to use these photos.”


He then turned the camera on to himself to prove how different he looks like now.

“Look at my skin now. There are so many photos they could choose,” Bieber concluded.

And now something from Justin Bieber’s live Instagram.


Unilag student gets emotional when she got a chance to do an Instagram live video with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Instagram live with unilag students

On November 20,2020, the pop star was holding a live video session with his fans and followers on Instagram and luckily for a Nigerian lady, identified as Rosemary, he was able to add her to the session where he got to know about her.

Rosemary, a student of the University of Lagos, couldn’t control her joy as she wept uncontrollably during a live video with the singer.

Sharing the video of of Instagram live sessions with justin Bieber, Rosemary said on Twitter:


I just spoke to @justinbieber y’all!!!!😭😭😭 I don’t even know how to act!!😭❤️ This is definitely the best day of 2020 for me🥺❤️

I was freaking out most of the time😭. Justin Bieber said “Rosemary is such a cool name”🥺 From this moment, nobody can talk to me again becauseeee!😌🤩❤️

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