Video: Karen In Pink fighs Black Man in The Elevator – Kutokyo Twitter video via Gcimspo TikTok, full video

Screenshot of Kutokyo Twitter video which was posted on TikTok also as Gcimspo video

Twitter user “Kutokyo” is going viral for sharing the video of a Karen in a pink shirt, trying to fight off a black man in an elevator. The same video was shared on TikTok by a user “Gcimspo” and labeled as Gcimspo video or Kutokyo Twitter video.

On August 8, 2021, a short video clip of Six seconds emerged on TikTok and went viral. The viral video clip shows Karen, the girl in a pink shirt, tries to fight off a black man in the elevator. The video shows a black man going to enter the elevator while a White lady in the pink shirt follows him. It seems the lady doesn’t like the man in the elevator and she throws a racist slur over him.

The viral TikTok video ends here. But people on TikTok were curious to know what happened next and they were searching for the second part of the purported video. The six seconds clip was shared by a TikTok user “Gcimspo.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user “Kutokyo” have found the second part of the viral Karen video and shared it on his Twitter page. The second part of the same video, of the Karen in a pink shirt, shows that the black man, who had entered the elevator, stops after hearing the racist Slur from the Karen and he holds the elevator door from getting fully closed. The man invites the lady to enter with him. However, the lady in the pink shirt refuses to go into the elevator. The video clearly shows the racist attitude of the lady.


Twitter user, Tokyo, Username @Kutokyo, who shared both parts of the Viral clip, wrote in the caption:

“Part 2 . What you guys all been waiting for . We must find her.”

Kutokyo added further “On today’s episode of Keeping Up W/ The Karen’s ..”

“FOUND PART 2 credit @gcimspo,” Kutokyo wrote in his second tweet while sharing the Full video clip.

Watch Kutokyo Twitter video, below

People Reacts to Kutokyo Twitter video – Gcimspo Video

Since the viral Gcimspo video clip emerged on Twitter and TikTok, people are reacting to the video by showing support to the man who was confronted by the racist Karen in the elevator.

See people’s reaction over the Viral Kutokyo Twitter video, below.