Upper cast man, duty manager of tourism department beats lower cast woman in Nellore
Image Screenshot from viral video
  • India is no country for women, especially, if the woman is from a lower caste then she has no right to speak.
  • Duty manager, Bhaskar, of the tourism department, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, beats a female office worker from the lower caste, at the office
  • The woman had asked him to wear the mask in the office
  • Police have arrested the man for beating the woman in the office

Andhra Pradesh, a video emerged on social media which shows a man from upper cast beats a woman from a lower caste, at the office of the tourism department, Nellore city.

Video: Upper cast man beats lower caste woman, an office worker at Nellore tourism department, Andhra Pradesh.

The viral video shows a man, entering into the office, and rushing towards the female employee, hold her down by her hairs and started punching her. Another woman, present in the office, escaped in fear. Meanwhile, an old man tried to save the woman from a violent man. But the old man also fell down and the violent man used an iron rod to hit the woman.

Duty manager Bhaskar beats Usha Rani, a female employee of tourism department, Nellore city
the violent man used iron rod to hit the woman

The incident took place at the office of the tourism department, Nellore city, Andhra Pradesh. The violent men who assaulted the woman are identified as Bhaskar and he is duty manager at the same office. The victim (woman who was beaten) is identified as Usha Rani and she belongs to a lower cast while the Bhaskar belongs to an upper caste. (READ WHAT IS UPPER CASTE AND LOWER CASTE IN INDIA).

The reason behind his aggression was told as the woman (Usha Rani) had asked him to wear the mask according to Coronavirus SOP.

After the sad incident, Usha Rani filled a complaint of violence against Bhaskar. After the video became viral on social media and backlash sparked, Nellore police took action and arrested Bhaskar in the charges of violence against the woman.

In a statement, Nellore police said: “A case vide Crime No 362/2020 u/s 354, 355 and 324 IPC was booked on 27.06.2020. The accused was arrested and is being sent for judicial remand. Nellore District Police is extremely sensitive to any violation or crime against women. Women Safety is our top priority.”

The video of the arrest of Duty manager Bhaskar from the office of tourism department, District Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

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