MSNBC’s Craig Melvin asks intelligence reporter Ken Dilanian about what he learned about the lack of Trump cooperation on the Biden transition and the intelligence community. But Ken Dilanian's answer shocks the viewers
Image: Screenshot MSNBC live

Video: MSNBC’s Ken Dilanian Get Caught Cursing on Live Television and his video went viral on social media sparking outrage and hype. Watch the video of Ken Dilanian, below.

According to details, MSNBC’s national security reporter Ken Dilanian used indecent language Tuesday live on MSNBC when he read something on his phone that seemed shocked him.

Anchor Craig Melvin asked, “Breaking just moments ago, NBC’s Ken Dilanian has new reporting on something we talked about at the top of the hour, how the Trump administration is handling the transition with the incoming Biden team or not handling it, we should say, to a certain extent. This time it involves our intelligence community. Ken, what have you learned, sir?”

Dilanian looked at his phone and said, “Oh sh**, f***.”

Melvin quickly cut away.

Ken Dilanian’s video clip went viral on social media and people are reacting to it. See some reactions, below.

Earlier last month, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin was fired by New Yorkers on a similar mistake but on a Zoom video call meeting.

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