Video: Nawaz Sharif Inaugurates Hindu Temple and plays Holi

Nawaz Sharif Inaugurates Hindu temple at kattas
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Recently, A PTI minister laid foundation stone of an Hindu temple (Shri Krishna Mandir) in Islamabad. Although, Pakistan has a complete religious freedom for minorities and Pakistan’s flag has white colour presenting minorities’ rights. But PML-N supporters and other opposition parties are criticising the government on this matter.

Vdeo: Nawaz Sharif Inaugurates Hindu temple at Kattas

The Shri Krishna Mandir was started in 2017, and PML-N government allotted the land for the temple. But hypocrites never spoke at that time. They even never said a word when Nawaz Sharif Inaugurated Hindu temples and played Holi with Hindu community which is ofcourse a part of our country with all rights.

Video: Nawaz Sharif plays Holi with Hindu community

Note: Minorities in Pakistan has all rights equal to any other Pakistani Muslim. This article is no offence to minorities in Pakistan. It is created to respond the critics only.