Nikita Dragun Instagram stories spark outrage

CAUGHT IN 4K: Nikita Dragun exposed for allegedly ripping off the Trisha Paytas video ‘I Got F*cked By A Ghost”. Nikita was also exposed for stealing the viral tweets of other people.

WHO COULD’VE SEEN THIS COMING: In a video shared On her Instagram stories, Nikita Dragun alleges she was f*cked by a ghost. Nikita Dragun posted a short video on her Instagram story where she says “she was f*cked by a ghost.” Watch the video, below.

Nikita Dragun shared similar status on Twitter also. She wrote on Twitter:

“rt for a follow! I GOT F*CKED BY A GHOST 👻🍆 new storytime is live. watch it now before i get sued for this.”

In the tweet, She also given a link to her latest YouTube live video. Watch Nikita Dragun’s live video, below.

Video: Nikita Dragun on YouTube live

Nikita Dragun trolled for allegedly ripping off Trisha Paytas’ OG video “I Got F**ked By A Ghost”

Nikita Dragun took to Instagram on May 23rd to promote her new video, titled “I Got F**ked By A Ghost.” However, many users noticed that the video seemed too familiar.

Trisha Paytas respond to Nikita Dragun for copying her old video titles
Trisha Paytas respond to Nikita Dragun for copying her old video titles

According to the beauty guru, she had been taken advantage of by a ghost in Japan. In her Instagram story prefacing her new YouTube video, she claimed she “never had a ghost encounter” before this one.


Trisha Paytas is known for posting bizarre stories in her early YouTube days and exploiting her sex life to get more fans.

Reacting to Nikita Dragun’s IG stories, people are accusing her of copying the words and stories of Trisha Paytas who said a similar thing in the past.

See how people react to Nikita Dragun’s Instagram story videos.


Earlier today, Nikita Dragun was exposed for allegedly stealing viral tweets of other people too.


Nikita has yet to respond to the comments, and it is deemed unlikely that she will be doing so.



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