Old video clip of David Dobirk with Durte Dom, talking about how David always manipulates people, resurfaced on social media

Video Clip of David Dobrik saying “Just like in my vlogs, I’m always the guy who manipulates people and tell them to do stupid stuff.” Durte Dom later recounts in the 2017 video hooking up in David’s van and a group of his friends watching in the windows.

This video clip of David Dobirk and Durte Dom was uploaded on Durte Dom’s YouTube channel four years ago on March 9, 2017. At that time, David Dobrik was in the middle stage of his career as a Vlogger.

The video has two and half million views so far. However this part of video clip resurfaced on social media after David Dobrik and Durte Dom have been accused of sexual assault by former Vlog Squad members.

Watch the full video of David Dobirk and Durte Dom, below.

Following the allegations made by Vlog Squad members, David Dobrik is being cancelled by major brands and YouTube has demonetized his YouTube channels. According to SocialBlade, during past two weeks, Dobrik has lost more than four hundred thousand subscribers to his YouTube channel.

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