Social media gone into frenzy after a video of girl sleeping and filmed by her boyfriend surfaced online. People are hunting for “Sleeping girl video” which was initially posted on TikTok.


However many are raging over the person who filmed and posted the video of sleeping girl on TikTok.


A Twitter user (Katelyn) wrote in a tweet, reads: “There is a video going around Twitter and tiktok of a girl that is either sleeping or unconscious, and it shows her face and her g3nital area clearly without permission. If you see it surface at all, please report it.”

The viral sleeping girl video shows a young black girl sleeping while she is drunk and a man filming her private parts. People speculating that the man who filmed the video could be her boyfriend and he filmed her without her consent (which is a crime).


The purported video was initially shared on a TikTok account ‘Yung Trigga” (ID: @yungtrigga800). The caption of the video reads: “yoo wtf wrong with B**ch P***y look like it’s rotten.”

Although, The sleeping girl video was taken down from most of social media platforms and we will not advise you to watch the video. But it is still available on few Twitter pages. You can watch sleeping girl video on Twitter here and here.

Twitter is Raging Over Sleeping girl TikTok video

As explained above, the video of sleeping girl was filmed and shared on TikTok without her consent, people on Twitter are raging over the person who shared the video and asking fellow users to report anyone who shares the video.


Twitter user “Rana” wrote in a series of tweets, Tweet reads: “Not twitter and tiktok literally LAUGHING AT and SPREADING the video of a woman being assaulted. Im beyond disgusted. If you dont know what im talking about, its that video of that girl sleeping and someone filming her g3nitals. She clearly has a medical issue leave her alone.”

“And he doesn’t just film her, which alone is disgusting and invasive, he proceeds to touch her on her genitals to get a better view while she is UNCONCIOUS. And people are making fun of her and laughing? As if she put it out there herself? Imagine if that was done to you,” Rana Added.

Another Twitter user “Hailey Smith” wrote, tweet reads: “i honestly find it so disgusting how people can spread these videos around on tiktok.that poor girl was sleeping and got her 😺 exposed, and is now getting posted everywhere.if that were you, you wouldn’t want that to be spread around on big platforms or even in general. #tiktok.”


The identity of Sleeping girl, shown in viral TikTok video, was not verified yet.

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