TikTok star Hareem Shah in PM House
Image: Screengrab from Hareem Shah’s controversial video.

New TikTok Video of Hareem Shah in foreign office of PM house drove outrage on social media against her. According to details, TIkTok Star Hareem Shah recorded a video in PM house for her TikTok account, but social media users are not happy on her video inside PM house. Here is the new Video of Hareem Shah in PM House which became controversial.

Video of Hareem Shah in PM House. Video credit: Hareem Shah’s TikTok account.

Controversial TikTok Video of Hareem Shah (captured on an Indian song inside foreign office of PM House) widely shared on social media. People are raising the questions on her access to PM house and on who granted her access to this sensitive place. While recording the video she played a Bollywood song which became another reason for the anger of the public.

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But Hareem Shah did not mind posting the video on her social media accounts. Here is the original video of Hareem Shah on her Twitter account.

Video of Hareem Shah in prime minister house.

Hareem Shah responded about her TikTok video in PM House

TikTok star Hareem Shah hot picture
Image: Hareemshah TikTok account.

Replying to criticism on Twitter, Tiktok star said she is affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) from the day one, that is the reason for her interaction with PTI’s ministers. She had posted many selfies with top ministers and PTI leaders before also. Watch her selfie with prime minister Imran Khan, below.

Hareem Shah in a selfie with Imran Khan.

While answering the questions on media about the video in prime minister house, Hareem Shah told that she got permission to go into the office of Foreign minister. She told that she wanted to meet Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, but he was not available in the office. So that he just roamed in the offices and shoot some photos and videos for her TikTok account.

Video: Response of TikTok star Hareem Shah on her controversial Video.

However, TiKTok star refused to reveal the name of the person who granted her access into PM House and up to these high offices. She said them was some random staff officer who shot her video but she did not know his name or rank.

Public Reactions on the Tiktok video In Foreign office of PM House

Following the controversial video, PML-N supporters got a chance to troll PTI’s friends but even PTI supporters are also bashing her and to the person who given her approach to Prime minister house. They argued that “how can a TikTok star enter into so sensitive places inside PM house”. Watch a reaction of Die-hard PTI supporter below.


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A Twitter user posted her video and wrote in the caption “A girl arrived in PM house, these are actions of ministers who lead these type of girls into these prohibited place. But this is pathetic. I doubt Naeem ul Haq is behind the approach of Hareem Shah into PM house and up to the chair of Prime minister of Pakistan“.

Original video of Hareem Shah in PM House.

However a senior Journalist Adeel Raja reported that it is the office of the ministry of foreign affairs, not the PM house where Hareem Shah recorded the video. Later on, it was repealed that She entered and shoot videos in the office of a foreign minister which is situated inside the PM house.

After the video became viral on social media and created reaction, Prime minister Imran Khan took notice of the entry of Hareem Shah into prime minister house. According to GNN news, an official of intelligence agency who is designated with Prime minister’s security team reported to Imran Khan about the person who helped Hareem Khan into PM house and allowed her to shoot the TIkTok video. Prime minister Imran ordered a detailed inquiry on the matter.




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