Video of Jewish Engagement Party in Melbourne goes viral on Twitter and Facebook


A video of the Jewish engagement party, held in Melbourne, gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, sparking outrage as several health professionals and a COVID-19 positive person were present at the party.

Key points of Jewish Engagement party Video:

  • A video of Jewish engagement party held in melbourne, gone viral on social media.
  • People are criticising
  • It’s understood two people linked to the gathering have since tested positive for COVID
  • A government spokesperson has confirmed the video has been referred to Victoria Police
  • Former Victorian Labor MP Philip Dalidakis has criticised those who attended the function

Police are investigating a video that shows dozens of people attending an engagement party in Melbourne, in breach of COVID-19 restrictions.

The video shows a large group of people watching a speech in which a man jokes about coronavirus restrictions.

The man said “clearly this is legal because it’s a group therapy session”.

The group of people can be seen laughing at the comments.

Nobody in the video is wearing a mask. You can watch the Jewish Engagement party viral video, below.
Video of Jewish Engagement party held in Melbourne

People Reacts with outrage after the video of the Party Appeared on Twitter

Since the video, Labelled as “Jewish Engagement party” appeared on Twitter, people are reacting with outrage. Some people are criticising the act of the people who attended the party. However, many others are criticising the Media outlets for referring the video specifically to “Jewish people” as it may go in antisemitic sense.

A Twitter user wrote: “Thanks to all the people at the Jewish Engagement party for another 2 weeks of lockdown and a 9.00pm to 5.00am curfew here in Melbourne, absolutely brilliant !!!”

“Video of big Orthodox Jewish engagement party in inner SE Melbourne. Dozens of people + 🦠 attended.
These are doctors and lawyers who knew exactly what they were doing and laughed about it. Crass display of privilege, & contempt for ppl who can’t visit dying relatives,” wrote another user while sharing the video of the party as well.

One person wrote: “Doctors joking about masks and pandemic rules at an engagement party for Jewish couple in Melbourne. When smart people are stupid it’s very worrying. I’m an atheist and not perfect either.”

Another person wrote on Twitter:

I better not be seeing antisemitism all over my social media because of the engagement party in Melbourne. Should that party have happened? Nope! Should the attendees be fined? Yep! Should this be an excuse to be antisemitic & blame Jewish people for the pandemic? Absolutely not.

See more reactions over Jewish engagement party video, below.