Sahiwal robber shot the old man in the street in bright daylight

Sahiwal: A CCTV video emerged on social media in which a robber shot the elderly man in the street in bright daylight for snatching what the old man was carrying. Watch the video below. Note: Some content of the video is highly graphic and may not appropriate for some users to watch it.

ساہیوال ڈویژن اڈا کمیر شریف میں بیچ چوراہےپر ایک بزرگ کو سر میں گولی مار کر ہاتھ سے مال چھین کر قاتل فرار…. میڈیا اس…

Posted by Global Gazette Pk on Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Video: Robber shot the old man on the street in Sahiwal City.

The incident happened in a crowded market in Adda Kamir Sharif, Sahiwal division on Monday, October 14, 2019. The video was recorded by a Close circuit camera (CCTV) installed outside a shop on the street where this sad incident took place.

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The viral video of Robbery in Kamir Sharif, Sahiwal, shows that the incident happened in the afternoon at 14:44 Hours local Time. Video shows an old man walking in white. Meanwhile, a young man (alleged robber) appears behind him. The robber took out the gun and shot the old man in the head. It seems as the Robber was following an old man from the beginning.

As the old men fell after getting shot, the Robber leapt over him and snatched what he was carrying in his man (it seems the bag was full of money for which robber shot down the old man).

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According to further details, no news of this robbery appeared on any News channel yet. But ‘CCTV video of Robber shooting the old man in Sahiwal” became viral on social media and people pushing for police action and demanding arrest for alleged robber turned murderer.

As the face could be recognized by CCTV footage of the murder, Sahiwal police didn’t issue any official statement yet about the arrest of alleged robber turned murderer.

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