Photo of elderly Ukrainian man who survived the Russian tank running over his car
Image via bbc

Video of Russian tank running over a car coming from opposite direction: A video emerged across social media depicts a Russian tank running over a civilian car traveling in the opposite direction. In the footage, a Russian tank can be seen crossing multiple lanes before running over and crushing the car, then reversing. Watch the video, below.

In a different video broadcast on BBC, a group of men worked to free the trapped civilian, who appeared to be elderly, from his flattened car. While he appeared to be alive in the footage, the extent of his injuries was unclear. Watch the second video of this incident, below.

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Social Media Reacts to the Video of Tank running over a car in Ukraine

The video of the man, being his car run over by the Russian tank, went viral on social media and people are reacting to the viral video.

A Twitter user wrote: “That video of a tank running over a car circulating has a happy ending, the man lived according to NBC Nightly news.”

“Just saw the actual video of that Russian tank deliberately & intentionally going out of his way to crush that moving car & even running over it again from the side & dragging it. I would have to say that these Russian soldiers are vicious murderers. That victim was a civilian,” wrote another user.

See more reactions over the viral video, below.

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