Video of Santi Millán and Marita Alonso is leaked – Santi Millan leaked video With Marita Alonso

  • A video of Santi Millan, the presenter of ‘Got Talent’ accompanied by Marita Alonso and that he recorded himself   has been leaked on Twitter
  • An intimate video of Santi Millán and Marita Alonso is leaked giving it all in bed
  • Fans of Santi Millan left Scandalized and now searching for Santi Millan viral video.
Presenter of "Got talent" Santi Millan caught in leaked video with Marita Alonso
Santi Millan

There has been a gap in the intimate life of Santi Millán. A video of the presenter having a good time with Marita Alonso  has been leaked on social networks , recording it as a testimony himself in front of a mirror.

With a pelvic joy  worthy of a golden pass , the presenter of Got Talent, Santi. Millan has been involved in one of the hottest scenes of the hot spring so far. Millán has shown an enthusiasm for snacking and a passion for belly dancing, having a good time with a blonde lady whose identity is reported as Marita Alonso. Marita Alonso is an actress, known for Treintañeras a la deriva (2021), No pot ser! (2019) and Retratos con alma (2018).

Marita Alonso

Some acrobatic postures that must have involved an exhaustive previous warm-up star in the video, which has spread through Twitter like wildfire.

Se filtra un vídeo íntimo explícito de Santi Millán siendo infiel a su esposa
Video: Santi Millan video filtrado

The presenter of Telecinco has thus provoked an orchestra of songs in his companion, enjoying the meeting despite the indiscreet camera and the slander of those who have proceeded to launch it.

Millán has been inclined to give free rein to audiovisual production, since he has been in charge of recording, producing and starring in the film that has been maliciously leaked.

This is the photo you are going to be looking for. Santi Millán and Marita Alonso.

The actor and presenter  is in the middle of recording the eighth season of Got Talent .

If something has become clear, it is that Santi Millán  goes very relaxed to the shoots , since he has shown that he is an expert in horizontal therapies. The video, barely 45 seconds long, has also shown other values ​​of Millán, including his most elastic precautions.

Millán shares a marriage with the television producer Rosa Olucha and  they have two teenage children. 

The presenter of  Guess what I’m doing tonight has taken the program literally the title of his missing program.

These types of leaks  are absolutely reprehensible for the assault on privacy. We will have to trust that in this case they do not cause a greater evil for the two actors in this film. 

Santi Millan Leaked Video Explored

Twitter and other social media users are going crazy after lealed video of Santi Millán with Marita emerged online. The Santi Millan leaked videos have been shared on Reddit and Twitter.

People are hunting for the video which is now labelled as “Santi Millan video filtrado” and going viral like a wildfire. The “Santi Millan video filtrado” shows the actor in a compromising situation with the blond woman who fans doubt is Marita Alonso.

The video further shows that Santi Millan is himself filming his action while enjoying the situation. The later part of Santi Millán video shows he is sitting before mirror while woma is ridding the horse. We will not upload the video here because it may inappropriate for some readers. But jf you are one of those who are curious to watch the video, then we will give you links to the Twitter post with Santi Millan video filtrado.

Santi Millan video was shared on Twitter by a Twitter user “JackT_B” who shared multiple video clips of Santi Millán video. You can watch the video by going on this link to full video. Also, you can watch all of Santi Millán videos by visiting Twitter Jackt_B timeline on this link.

Who is Santi Millán

Santiago Millán Montes, professionally known as Santi Millán, is a Spanish actor, showman and television presenter. He Born on September 13, 1968 (age 53 years), Barcelona, Spain.

Millán studied theatre at Colegio del Teatro in Barcelona and in 1989 he joined theatre company La Cubana. In 1999 he left La Cubana and he joined Andreu Buenafuente’s late night show La Cosa Nostra on TV3, playing the role of a reporter called Paco Monteagudo. Thanks to his collaboration with Buenafuente, in January 2001 he was cast in late night show La última noche on Telecinco, cancelled after a few weeks. By the end of the year he went back to TV3 to lead along with his friend José Corbacho the improvisational comedy show A pèl. He also worked with Corbacho in his return to theatre with the play In this period, Millán was also featured in the radio show El Terrat, hosted by Andreu Buenafuente on Radio Barcelona (Cadena SER).

As the two go viral, Santi Millan and Marita Alonso’s relationship is explained.

Following the revelation of a video of him on the internet, the presenting of GOT talent Spain is currently in the news. The man in the video is santi Millan, according to several internet users.

As soon as the news of Santi Millan leaked video broke, he deleted his social media accounts, which is false. His social media accounts are still active and his posts may still be seen. The video shows Two people are making out in a mirror, and the video is filmed using a cell phone.

The male in the video is holding the phone. Sharing any private information is illegal and can result in legal penalties for the person who did it. Some people assumed the girl in the video was Marita Alonso, and uploaded photos of her with blonde hair. Fans were unsure of their relationship.

Is Santi Millan dating Marita Alonso?

On the internet, there have been dating rumours about Santi Millan and Marita Alonso. An supposed s*x video of Santi has gone viral, causing havoc on the internet.

However, there has been no word on whether he is dating Marita because it should be noted that presenter Millán has been married to Rosa Olucha, a television producer, since 2009. Marc and Ruth, their two adolescent children, are the couple’s only offspring.

Some fabs, on the other hand, were eager to employ their detective abilities to rule out the idea that he taped those films on location. Instead, some speculated that the footage may be a montage, or a composite of smaller portions.


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