Video of Tyrese Shaving His Girlfriend’s Coochie goes viral on Instagram and Twitter

  • Tyrese Gibson trends on Twitter after a video of him shaving his Girlfriend’s Coochie appeared on social media
  • “Tyrese Shave” video was was shared by his girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, on her Instagram story page
  • People are reacting to Tyrese Shave video
Timothy, 25, posted a video of Gibson, 42, shaving her bikini line on her Instagram Story on Sunday. While the model’s face was not in the clip but her voice can be heard along with the face of Tyrese who can be seen holding a razor

Video of Tyrese Gibson shaving his Girlfriend’s Coochie was shared on Instagram by his girlfriend Zelie Timothy and it went viral all over social media.

According to details, on Sunday April 25, 2021, 25-year-old Zelie Timothy shared a video (in four small parts) of Tyrese, 42, shaving her bikini line, on her Instagram story page.

While the Timothy’s face was not visible in the clip, her legs were kicked up in the air and spread. Meanwhile, Tyrese appeared to be bending down over her Coochie and then rising with a shaving razor in his hand.

“I will never let go of my King. But does your man shave you though?” she captioned the post with an eye-roll emoji.

In the video, Gibson explained to Timothy the he was “going to put the creamer on it first” and then “mix it with some oil.”

After the actor called his new girlfriend “beautiful,” she responded, “What’s beautiful is your man hands.”

In an other story posted along Tyrese shaving videos, Timothy wrote : “I get sugar waxed guys LOL I love waxing… But I also have a man that loves to shave me I don’t get any razor bumps. My coochie is okay LOL. Thanks for wondering if it’s ok.”

Zelie Timothy tells about getting shaved by Tyrese Gibson
image via Instagram

The video of Tyrese Gibson shaving Zelie Timothy has been disappeared from her Instagram story because it stays their for only 24 hours. However numerous Twitter users have screen recorded the video and shared it on Twitter. You can watch “Tyrese Shave” video here.

Back in December, singer and actor Tyrese Gibson announced that he and his wife of four years Samantha Gibson were getting a divorce.


Tyrese Darnell Gibson is an American singer, songwriter, author, rapper, actor, model, DJ, and screenwriter. After releasing several albums, he transitioned into films, with lead roles in several major Hollywood releases.

F9 star Tyrese Gibson is currently dating Zelie Timothy.

The couple was first linked earlier this year after Gibson announced in December that he and his wife, Samantha Lee, were divorcing.


Zelie Timothy, 25, is a social media influencer with 374,000 followers on her Instagram @zelietimothy.

She also has a YouTube channel, where she posts vlogs and other behind the scenes looks into her life, as well as an Only Fans.

Originally from Dominican Republic, it is thought she moved to Atlanta sometime in 2019.

Twitter Reacts to Tyrese Shaving Video

As the video of Tyrese Gibson shaving his girlfriend’s Coochie appeared on social media, Twitter users were quick to react and a debate on (whether it’s all right to shave one’s girlfriend or not) has began.

A Twitter user wrote: “I’m not as concerned by Tyrese wanting to shave her, it’s the fact that she decided to record it all THEN post it to her story? Why are you showing us ma’am??”


“I’m not surprised… they’d do ANYTHING for clout,” another user added.

Another Twitter user shared a meme and commented on Tyrese Shave video by saying: “It’s so crazy to me how Tyrese went from vowing to win his ex-wife back to having a girlfriend who calls him her king, all in the span of a week.”


One person said “Shaving your girlfriends pubes on IG is a all time low for Tyrese.”

“This still of Tyrese shaving his gf coochie needs to be put in the louvre.”

“I use to smoke a blunt but after today ,I wanna try shave her like Tyrese shaved his hun,” one person said on Twitter.