Beirut Explosion was massive and the grief in the result of that explosion is countless. But there are few lucky parents caught on CCTV cameras who have responded instantly, to save their children from horrific shockwaves of Beirut port’s blast, which has shredded hundreds of concrete buildings.

Here below are some viral videos of those parents who were trying to protect their children by using their own bodies as a shield against shockwaves of the explosion.

CCTV Video footage of Beirut explosion while parents trying to shield their children by using own body

A viral CCTV video shows a family (Mother/babysitter and her three children) watching the blaze just before the explosion in Beirut port occurred. When shockwaves hit the doors of the restaurant, where the mother and her children were sheltering, the woman instantly hides the children in her lap. Luckily, she and all three children were saved from any major injury. Watch the video, below.

Another CCTV footage shows a father hiding his kid behind his chest while shock waves hit on his back. After the first thrust, he rushes under the table in case his house collapses.

One more viral video captured by CCTV at the time of Beirut blast, shows an African baby sitter shielding the kid by her body. Watch the video, below.

According to Lebanese government officials, an estimated 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse at Beirut port caused a massive explosion on the evening of Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

According to the latest reports, more than 100 people have been killed and over 4,000 have been injured. But the number of casualties could rise even higher as rescue work continues and thousands of people are still suspected to be buried under concrete debris of collapsed buildings.

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