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    Video Porsche a14 wypadek – Video of Porsche accident on a German highway goes Viral

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    Video of a Porsche car, (Video Porsche a14 wypadek), which met an accident on a German highway is going viral on Twitter. People are reacting to the video which is now labelled as “Video Porsche a14 wypadek.”

    Porsche A14 wypadek Bez glowy
    Porsche a14 wypadek

    Drivers passing the scene of the accident on the German A14 motorway towards Leipzig will never again erase the view that has been etched in their memory forever.

    The driver of a Porsche convertible car was driving on November 17, 2022, around a quarter to one in the morning. The man from Saxony died on the spot. During the accident, his head was sev*red from the rest of his body.

    The accident happened on the A14 motorway at the Halle-Peißen intersection. The man driving a Porsche Carrera convertible lost control of the vehicle and skidded. After the car lost traction, it hit the central barrier, bounced off it and slowly rolled along the shoulder. According to the Police, The driver of the Porsche died on the spot.

    This macabre accident was witnessed by drivers from Poland who captured the seconds right after the tragedy on the video. A few moments earlier, this car overtook them. Clearly agitated, they tried to decide what to do. At first glance, it was obvious that the man could not be saved.

     One of the drivers who witnessed the incident said with horror in his head that the man sitting in the crashed car had no head. Polish drivers were wondering how to secure a car rolling on the roadside so that it would not cause even greater danger.

    The person, Who was passing nearby the Porsche, captured the video of the car and shared it on Twitter. You can watch the video here. Warning: Video may not suitable for some viewers

    According to the police, no information on the cause of the accident can be released at this time. An investigation has been launched into this tragedy.

    While the services were working at the site of the macabre accident, the A14 motorway was completely closed in both directions, which caused gigantic traffic jams. The Magdeburg runway was reopened to traffic around 3 a.m. and the Leipzig runway at around 7:30 a.m.

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