People react to a video allegedly showing a physical altercation involving rapper NLE Choppa and his crew

On May 2, 2021, Rapper NLE Choppa’s fight video getting viral on social media and People react to the video allegedly showing a physical altercation involving rapper NLE Choppa and his crew.

Watch the video below, showing NLE Choppa getting into a fight along with his crew on the beach.

Video: NLE Choppa and his crew fight with a man on the beach

According to details, The rapper NLE Choppa appears to have gotten himself caught up in a physical altercation while visiting Los Angeles and an woman caught it all on the tape.

Early Monday morning (May 3), video footage began circulating online of a fight, in which the From Dark to Light rapper, NLE Choppa and five other men (allegedly NLE Choppa’s crew) are jumping a man who is on a bike accompanied by another male. The men appear to be having a verbal dispute prior to things escalating and hands being thrown.

In the clip, the woman who recorded the incident can be heard saying, “They are fighting. He’s a famous rapper.” Moments later, punches begin to fly and the bystander is heard repeatedly saying, “Oh shit.”


Among those slinging punches is NLE Choppa, who received a jab to the chin himself.

“Aw no, it’s like, five against one,” the woman exclaims before vocalizing her refusal to intervene. “That sucks. Or six against one. That’s fucked up. I’m not gonna stop this. I can’t stop this. I cannot stop this. That’s too many people, that’s not fair.”

The woman then yells, “That’s not fair!” Followed by requesting that the men stop fighting.


The incident took place at a beach, but the specific location is unclear.

A little over 60 seconds into the recording, the fight ceases and the man who was accompanying the gentleman that had been jumped is heard saying, “Chill muthafucka” and “you two fucked up.” This same man did not jump into the fight, but appears to have helped break it up by himself.

NLE Choppa and his crew then stroll away from the scene, seemingly unbothered.


NLE Choppa responded to the video showing him fight on the Beach

NLE Choppa hopped on Twitter this afternoon and responded to video of him getting into a fight on the beach. While responding to the punch he recieved during the fight, NLE Choppa wrote:

“Damn y’all never got hit in a fight before ? 😂 bruh asked for picture I said no I’m enjoying my self and I get called scary and a b1tch. I make sure I take pictures with every fan but some days I just be trying to chill and get disrespected in the process.”

Screenshot of the tweet NLE Choppa wrote in the response to his fight video

“And I eat punches ask bout me. Imma rush you take what you got to give and resume beating some. Honestly ain’t wanna fight I was just tryna walk the beach ‍♂️,” he added.


People react to NLE Choppa fight video

Since the video of NLE Choppa, getting into physical altercation, emerged online, people on social media have weighed in on the incident. Some questioned why it wasn’t a one-on-one fight between Choppa and the other man.

People are sharing funny memes regarding the incident.


One person wrote on Twitter “NLE choppa if his 5 homies weren’t there to back him up,” and shared a meme.

Another person wrote on Twitter: “I ain’t gonna lie…NLE Choppa Was two more bops away from Slumber if the gang wasn’t there 💀.”


“Did NLE Choppa put something out…let me see why he….whoooa 😳,” another user added.

See more reactions to the incident involving NLE Choppa and his crew below.



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